Frequently Asked Questions

Explore some frequently asked questions below to learn more about my services, pricing, and how I can assist you with your next project.

Do you offer free estimates?
Yes! Simply contact me by phone, text, or email with the details about your project and I will be happy to schedule a free estimate.
Can you provide an estimate by phone or email?
I prefer to make an on-site inspection before providing an estimate, but there are some cases where photos of the project area will suffice.
How close are your estimates to the final price?
I tend to over-estimate, which helps accomodate unexpected situations. However, often my customer gets a lower final bill than they expect. Otherwise a +/- of 10% is common.
What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay your invoice by Interac e-Transfer, cheque, or cash. Payment is due upon completion of the job.
Do you charge HST on your services?
Yes, HST is charged on my labour, but not on transfer fees for disposing of the wood waste.
Do you provide tree/chainsawing services year-round?
No. Because of the weather in the Kenora region that I work in, my season is roughly from May through October.
What do you do with the wood waste?
Depending on your preference, I can haul branches and wood waste away, or you may wish to keep the wood for firewood. I can cut the felled wood to length, but don't offer splitting.
Can you consult on tree health?
Yes, you can bring me to your site to advise on tree health. I am also a forest technician, and can offer insight into managaing the trees/forest on your property.
Do you offer emergency services?
Yes. During my season I can often get on-site within a few hours of contact to deal with emergencies.
Do you offer dangerous tree removal?
Yes. If you have a tree with a bad lean or located dangerously near buildings I can help. If you have a concern, feel free to send a photo when you get in touch.
Do you remove stumps of felled trees?
No, I do not provide stump removal or stump grinding. I will cut the felled tree as a low as possible.
Do you uses spurs when climbing trees?
Yes, but only when climbing trees that are being removed.
How experienced are you?
I have been providing chainsawing services for 15+ years, and have a background as both a paramedic and as a forest technician. As an ISA Certified Arborist, I am required to re-certify through continuing education every 3 years.
Do you clean up the site after a project is done?
Absolutely. I always thouroughly clean up my work area by raking, sweeping, and blowing debris.
Do you charge dumping fees?
Yes. Transfer fees are charged in addition to labour and time, and are itemized on your final invoice.

Have another question?

If you have a question that hasn't been answered above, please just contact me directly. I will be happy to assist you!